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Wedding scenario in Saint-Petersburg Russia

Wedding in the imperial style

Wedding in St. Petersburg gives you a unique opportunity to be transported during other epoch and feel yourself a reigning person.

Magic St.Petersburg

Original handmade invitations to a costume ball Original handmade invitations to a costume ball made as leather scrolls have been sent to all the guests in advance.

A newly-married couple and their guests arrive to St. Petersburg fresh and rested. It isn't surprising after the APRIORY company has incurred all preparation for the wedding: documents, hotel and transport arrangements, event preparations including place, food, flower decoration, wedding scenario, casting of actors, singers, dancers, showmen etc and, of course, organization of the best wedding day!

Wedding in the imperial style But at first - acquaintance to St. Petersburg which begins with a survey bus sightseeing tour with stops at the brightest historical places. Then there is a dinner at a fashionable restaurant with traditional Russian cousin. And after that - visit to the great Hermitage.

In the evening all the guests are invited to the boat trip on the rivers and channels of St. Petersburg. The guests will definitely enjoy beautiful views of the city from water surface and admire the bridge raising in the magic White Night.

Emperor wedding in a country palace

At last, that fantastic day started! The wedding ceremony in the best traditions of Russian imperial epoch will take place in one of the magnificent imperial country palaces where the guests arrive by comfortable buses.

At the palace guests are made up and dressed in beautiful historical suits of the elite nobility of the 18th century. While waiting for the ceremony all the guest are offered delicious snacks and drinks on a lawn in front of the antique palace. A string quartet in ancient sleeveless jackets is playing famous classical music. The lawn and green alleys are richly decorated with flowers and silver statues. What a surprise when statues unexpectedly start coming to life and greet passing by guests.

Suddenly strike of the gong breaks the quietness. A white royal carriage with the bride-princess is approaching the main entrance. From the other side the groom-prince is riding on a white horse. He dismounts from his horse and helps the princess to come out of the carriage under joyful greetings from their subjects of the crown.

Wedding in the imperial style The bride and groom walk along the red carpet strip towards the flowered arch under the rain of rose petals. The leader of the ceremony opens his magic box and a lot of bright exotic butterflies fly away out there. Then he makes a solemn speech about the heroes of the event and the history of their acquaintance. The newly-married couple exchanges rings and - the culmination of the story - the leader declares them husband and wife.

After excitements of the official ceremony everybody is offered to the main hall of the palace to take part in a joyful costume ball in honor of the newly-married couple. Peter the Great, the founder of St.Petersburg, and Catherine the Great, the most famous Russian empress, are already waiting for them to give their blessing to the newlyweds and open the ball.

After a while a performance of the stars of Mariinsky theatre of opera and ballet is appropriate. Then musicians of an epoch of 18th century play background and dance music during the whole evening.

Russian traditional porcelain painting In the next hall master classes on national crafts take place: Russian traditional porcelain painting, stamping of coins, potter's manufacture etc. Nearby there is a well-known sibyl with very positive forecast. All the evening long professional artists work, providing the guests with a friendly cartoon which will serve as a good souvenir from the celebration.

During the evening all participants and heroes of the ceremony have a fantastic opportunity to take part in a professional photo session in magnificent imperial scenery.

In the program there are dances, actor performance, soap babbles show, dexterous illusionists and a lot of surprises and fun. It can be sustained completely in classical style or, on the contrary, filled by original variety shows. Everything depends on your wishes only!

Wedding scenario can be written individually according to your ideas and preferences.