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Scenario for Brangelina

Not so long ago we’ve learned about the long-awaited star pairs couple engagement of incomparable Angelina Jolie and magnificent Brad Pitt. Brangelina, as dubbed this couple by journalists, enjoys the well-deserved love with the people all over the world not only for the contribution to the world cinema, but also for the position in life and charitable activities.

Angelina Jolie

World favourities' wedding should be a great event, for this reason Petersburg company "Apriori", specializing only in the organization of luxury holidays, took responsibility to prepare a scenario worthy of this family. In fact, stage producers of the company prepared several non-standard scenario moves to choose from.

Angelina Jolie and magnificent Brad Pitt

If the new-married would like to spend their wedding at the water, in cities such as St. Petersburg or Venice, as it is impossible by the way, will be the scenario of «Marine adventure and Royal ball», which involves the kidnapping of the bride by pirates led by the friend of the family Johnny Depp in the role of Jack Sparrow. Then during the great naval battle with pyrotechnics and special effects the bridegroom frees the bride out of the hands of pirates. After that the ball will be held in one of the ancient palaces.

Johnny Depp

Another option is specially designed to please and involve all the six children of this Hollywood couple. The plot of a fairy tale wedding for reasons well-known works of Charles Perrault very fits the Prince and the Princess, which are considered to be Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and will undoubtedly enjoy both adult and the smallest guests of the celebrations.

tales cake

The specialists of the company "Apriori" are ready to realize any wish of Brad and Angelina and wish them happy life.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt