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Wedding in Russia - to wish, to plan, to make splendid wedding

The APRIORY company will create for you the most splendid wedding event in the magnificent interiors of St.Petersburg, Russia.

Welcome to St.Petersburg - the best wedding place!

Have you ever dreamed about wedding in palace? Have you ever dreamed about been married in one of the most beautiful cities of the world? Have you ever dreamed about being involved into Russian traditions, culture and spirit? Even if you haven't - it's time to start! Because now you have a fantastic opportunity to celebrate your wedding in Russia.

Petro-Pavel citadel in St.Petersburg We are glad to invite you to St. Petersburg - a thrilling mixture of European refinement and Russian heartiness. You'll see luxury imperial palaces, colorful Russian cathedrals, world-famous pictures and sculptures. You'll walk along the streets from the novels of celebrated Dostoevski and famous Pushkin. You'll cross picturesque channels in granite wears by splendidly decorated bridges. You'll visit the Hermitage and the Russian Museum, pearls in a gorgeous crown of Russian art.

But this time you won't be just a spectator. You'll be a player, the main hero of the play, most of which you'll write by yourself.

Wedding in a Russian imperial style You've dreamed to feel yourself a royal person? In St.Petersburg it's easily realizable! A wedding in an imperial style in an antique palace, with driving in a gold carriage, costume ball and a lot of historical details and luxury entertainments that Russian emperors indulge themselves.

You are fond of Russian culture? Wedding in a Russian style is also great idea! Special Russian cuisine, Russian wedding traditions such as bride buyout or meeting with bread and salt, ancient Russian games and amusements will make your event really special and unique.

Maybe you are a kind of mystery person and are keen on films about ghosts and spirits. Welcome to the Michailovski castle where the Russian emperor Pavel the I was strangled and his phantom is still hanging around and frighten visitors.

Your dreams will come true, just do us a favor and let us help you to organize the best wedding you and your friends and relatives have ever heard of.

Ok, let us introduce ourselves. The APRIORI company has been working in the field of luxury events and magnificent weddings for many years. We are located in St.Petersburg and know about the city as much as a person can know who was born and grown up in the city and is deeply in love with its beauty, history and its own character.

Russian traditional porcelain painting We have highly experienced staff, English speaking as well. We know the best chiefs in the best restaurants in St.Petersburg. We have a great deal of invitations from the most picturesque places to celebrate splendid events. We are willing to share all this experience with you.

We are dedicated to be at your service concerning any difficulty no matter small or big. We'll provide you with the whole set of services - from guest invitations to wedding scenario to personal photo album for every guest.

What we can arrange for you:

  • Visa support.
  • Wedding document arrangements, if you decide to register in Russia.
  • Hotel reservation.
  • Handmade invitations for all you guests.
  • Airport service and transfer.
  • Transport for all the period of your staying.
  • Wedding scenario.
  • Organization of the best wedding day, including dozens of possibilities concerning place, food and drinks, entertainment, service etc.
  • Memory gifts for all the guests.
  • Excursions, bout trips, tours along the city and its prestigious suburbs.
  • Something's forgotten? Don't worry. Sure we can do this too. Just ask.

Personal manager will help you in any time and on any step. It's our work to create perfect events and make our clients happy.

Wedding in Russia is already waiting for you. Have you made the decision?